We own and maintain a large inventory of oceanographic measurement and monitoring equipment.


ADCP with anchor

Deep ADCP and frame

ACDP with frame

We use Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) to measure how fast water is moving across an entire water column. When anchored it can measure current speed at equal intervals all the way to the surface. In very deep areas, we lower it on a cable from the surface.  It can also be mounted horizontally on seawalls or pilings in rivers to measure the current profile from shore to shore.


Datawell buoy

Datawell buoy

Triaxys system

TRIAXYS™ with Current Buoy

For profiling swells and waves we have Datawell Buoys and solar powered TRIAXYS™ with Currents Buoys to measure both directional waves and a 3D water column profile of ocean currents in real time.

Multiparameter buoy

Multi-parameter buoy

GNSS Tide Buoy

GNSS Tide Buoy

IXSURVEY has developed several GNSS tide buoys which essentially replace the traditional tide pole as a means of connecting a seabed mounted gauge to a shore based bench mark. The GNSS tide buoys are fitted with a 12VDC power system and a GNSS receiver which allows for data logging for periods exceeding 24 hours at 1Hz. 

The use of the GNSS tide buoy removes the traditional requirement of deploying personnel in the field to erect a tide pole and then remain on site to undertake visual observations.  It is safer, quicker and allows a more efficient use of personnel and resources.  The continual sampling of the logger allows for a greater sampling density and a more precise dataset than was possible with the traditional method.

The GNSS receiver options integrated with the buoy include the following systems:

  • Trimble SPS851/855 line of receivers with the Trimble GA830 antenna.
  • Javad Triumph 2 Base receiver Dual Frequency GPS/GLONASS