IXSURVEY is able to undertake surveys of any size, accuracy and scale.  We specialise in all types of survey from small river and lake surveys to large complex Nautical Charting surveys. A recent example of a large area survey undertaken by IXSURVEY was the Shipping Lane 6 Survey for Land Information New Zealand.  This survey was undertaken in coastal waters between Christchurch and Dunedin in late 2012 and early 2013.  Over 14,000 linear line miles of MBES data were acquired over a 4-month period.  The survey utilised a combination of single beam echo sounder and multi beam echo sounder systems to meet the stringent LINZ Specification for the project.

IXSURVEY is often asked by clients to complete a survey project within a given timeframe. Where this is not possible with the use of one vessel, we routinely mobilise additional vessel(s) to ensure that the often tight schedules of our clients projects are maintained. Our personnel are well versed in the scaling up or down of a particular survey solution.

Large scale (small area) surveys have been undertaken all over the world utilising a variety of survey vessels and survey systems and sensors.

IXSURVEY owns and operates the IXBLUE GAPS Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) subsea positioning system and has access and experience in a wide range of other subsea systems, including Kongsberg HiPaP and Sonardyne Systems. Recently we have conducted a project using the new IXBLUE Synthetic Baseline Positioning System the RAMSES. We routinely sub-contract our subsea positioning expertise to ROV operators in the oil and gas sector or other firms requiring accurate positioning of towed and subsea equipment such as Side Scan Sonar and ROV.

IXSURVEY has conducted numerous surveys within River Systems. We have conducted surveys using both Single Beam and Multibeam systems in very challenging environments. Single Beam and Multibeam surveys have been undertaken on numerous river systems in Papua New Guinea.  Recently we have completed surveys on the Waikato River in New Zealand and have in the past conducted extensive surveys of the Zambezi River in Mozambique.

IXSURVEY has been actively involved in setting up and maintaining Oceanographic Buoys fitted with various sensors and ADCP surveys. Services are tailored to the unique requirements of each client.  Significant long term environmental monitoring projects have been undertaken in waters east of New Zealand and in support of our pre-seismic hazard clearance surveys.  Our sister company in France has a team of qualified and specialist Oceanographers and Marine Biologists that can analyse and report data collected.