Sea Trials & Consultancy

Consultancy Services

IXSURVEY has the expertise and experience to undertake field evaluation and testing of marine and oceanographic sensors and to provide expert advice on appropriate sensor selection and solutions for complex and challenging projects.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IXSURVEY Testing equipment  Kara Sea Pre Seismic SurveyIXSURVEY testing equipment





Sea Trial and Vessels

IXSURVEY France has a fleet of vessels available to provide support for a range of marine projects. We also organize equipment sea trials, wet-testing, calibration and client demonstrations for a number of equipment manufacturers.

The IXSURVEY La Ciotat facility features:

  • Access to test sites ranging from 0m to 2,500m (accessible in less than 2 hours)
  • A 1,000m² workshop with heavy lifting capabilities
  • A team of professional divers
  • Two meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities
trialsGGIXZegoLa Ciotat seaside workshop