IXSURVEY Team Australia

We Love What We Do

They say that when you work in a job doing what you love to do, then it’s not work.  And that’s how it is at IXSURVEY Australia.  We love planning and undertaking surveys – especially the more challenging projects.

Our core team is comprised of seven highly qualified and experienced Hydrographic Surveyors and a Finance Manager who keeps everything organised and running efficiently. The team’s background is in delivering safety and navigation surveys for government bodies, defence, the mining, resources, oil and gas industries.

For large projects or multi project schedules, we have access to the team from our French office and a pool of expert contractors.


More Than the Usual Qualifications

A key point of difference with IXSURVEY is our depth of qualifications and industry certification.  Our team members have obtained the highest possible certifications in the survey industry.

There are two types of education and certification when it comes to hydrographic surveyors. 

  1. Category A and Category B levels which are awarded after successful completion of theoretical and practical courses devised by IHO / FIG / ICA (International Hydrographic Organization / International Federation of Surveys / International Cartographic Association).  Category A is the highest level.  This is the academic qualification required to undertake survey work.
  2. AHSCP Level 1 and Level 2 certification.  This internationally recognised scheme is provided by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP) and jointly sponsored by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) Hydrography Commission and the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) and is only available to qualified Surveyors who have logged considerable field experience.  AHSCP Level 1 certification is the highest level of professional certification that a hydrographer can attain.  The SSSI Hydrography Commission produced a Hydrographer Certification Video to explain what the certification is all about.

Our core team includes four IHO / FIG / ICA Category A trained hydrographic surveyors as well as several Category B surveyors. Each of our Category A Surveyors also hold AHSCP SSSI certification.


Meet the IXSURVEY Australia Team

David Donohue, IXSurvey Australia

David Donohue conducts equipment tests on the
Brisbane River

Dave Field, IXSURVEY Australia

Dave Field keeps costs down by catching the crew’s dinner

Bill Jeffrey, IXSURVEY Australia

Bill Jeffrey installs a motion sensor on a remotely
operated vehicle

Owen Friedlieb - IXSURVEY Australia

Owen Friedlieb gets the local PNG kids involved in
survey work

Dean Forrest, iXSURVEY Australia

Dean Forrest spends a summer surveying in the Antarctic

Rhys Davies, IXSURVEY Australia

Rhys Davies plays in the mud during the Sepik River
survey in PNG

Jeremy McCaffrey inspects the pole damage after a tough day surveying

Jeremy McCaffrey inspects the pole damage after a tough day surveying

David DohohueDavid Donohue, Managing Director

IHO / FIG Category A Surveyor

yt-David_DDavid served for 15 years as a Hydrographic Surveying Officer in the Royal Australian Navy and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrographic Surveying. Before founding IXSURVEY Australia, he worked for several years for a marine equipment supplier.  He lives in beautiful downtown Brisbane with his wife and three children.



Dave Field IXSURVEY AUSTRALIADave Field, Operations Director

IHO / FIG Category A and SSSI AHSCP Level 1 Certified Surveyor

yt-DaveF“Dave 2” has over 15 years experience in the survey industry. He was an officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 12 years before joining IXSURVEY Australia in 2007. Dave spent four years in the field conducting surveys for IXSURVEY before concentrating on managing the companies Operations and the HSEQ system. He lives in Waipu Cove, New Zealand with his wife and young daughter.

Owen FriedliebOwen Friedlieb, Senior Surveyor

BSurv (Hons1),  SSSI AHSCP Level 1 Certified Surveyor

yt-OwenFOwen joined IXSURVEY Australia in January 2014 after many years working as a specialist Hydrographic Surveyor in the West Australian oil & gas industry. Since joining us Owen has managed several large projects including a 450 km river survey in PNG, a Synthetic Aperture Sonar search for the Australian Department of Defence off the WA coast and several LINZ surveys. Owen lives in Perth.


Rhys DaviesRhys Davies, Senior Surveyor

IHO/FIG Category B and SSSI AHSCP Level 2 Certified Surveyor

yt-RhysDRhys spent nine years as a Surveyor in the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) before joining IXSURVEY Australia in 2008. During Rhys’ service in the RNZN, he gained significant experience in GIS (geographic information systems) and is our in-house CARIS GIS expert. Rhys is currently undertaking the PG Diploma Course in Hydrographic Surveying at the University of Plymouth, UK. He lives in Tauranga, New Zealand with his wife and young son.

Bill JeffreyBill Jeffrey, Survey Engineer

yt-BillJBill comes to us from the former Scotland office and is a highly experienced Survey Engineer with considerable expertise in the commercial oil & gas sector. Bill brings significant skills in subsea positioning, survey system and sensor installations. In addition to being a highly capable Survey Engineer, Bill also has extensive experience operating survey equipment and is often used to supplement the Online watchkeeper function during long survey projects. Accordingly, Bill is an extremely valuable and versatile member of the team. He lives in Brisbane on those few occasions throughout the year when he is not onboard a vessel somewhere across the globe.

dean forrestDean Forrest, Surveyor

IHO / FIG Category B

Dean spent 10 years as a Hydrographic Surveyor in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and joined IXSURVEY Australia in 2012. During Deans’ service in the RAN he gained experience in a wide range of survey activities including Antarctic Survey and Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) surveys for military operations. Dean has been involved in numerous LINZ surveys and recently spent a summery at the Antarctic Casey Station working closely with Geo Science Australia. Dean resides on his pride and joy – a 20 foot yacht named ‘Tahera’.

Jeremy McCaffreyJeremy McCaffrey, Surveyor


yt-JeremyMJeremy is a recent graduate from the University of Otago. He joined IXSURVEY in early 2016, having previously been involved in a number of hydrographic surveys with IXSURVEY. Jeremy has come from a boating background and holds his Commercial Skipper’s qualifications. He resides in Picton, New Zealand and enjoys fishing and diving in his time off.

Elizabeth JohnstoneElizabeth Johnstone

Dr. Elizabeth Johnstone is a marine geologist specializing in bathymetric surveying and sediment dynamics. She has over 15 years of experience using geophysical tools to conduct seafloor mapping around the world. She develops novel approaches to produce four-dimensional data products for integration into marine geological studies. She has also worked in various regions around the island of Papua to help with community outreach and education. During her free-time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time on the Sunshine Coast with her family.